School Closing Likely To Cost
Kat-Lewisboro State Aid

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School Superintendent Paul Kreutzer said the School Board is not likely to opt for making up the school day lost to last week's snowstorm, which means the district would lose thousands in state aid. Photo Credit: Bob Dumas

LEWISBORO, N.Y. – The Katonah-Lewisboro School District will likely lose thousands of dollars in state aid because of its decision not to make up a school day lost to snowstorm Nemo

When the storm hit on Friday, Feb. 8, officials closed the schools, putting the district one day over the allotted number of closures. The Board of Education could have opted to make up the day by appropriating a future vacation day, but Superintendent Paul Kreutzer said that’s not likely to happen.

Kreutzer said the district has “precious few days” from which to choose,  and added that the board felt it would be difficult to a get a consensus on the collective bargaining issue with the unions. 

Kreutzer said the district will lose about $25,000 in state aid, but noted that it makes some of that money back simply by being closed on that snow day. Money was saved by not having to buy diesel fuel for the buses and not using electricity to power the school, among other things. Kreutzer estimated that the district would earn back about 50 percent of the loss in aid.

District parent John Craig said on Facebook that he’s glad his children’s vacation days won’t be touched.

“As a parent of kids in the district, I don't want the district to take back a vacation day,” he wrote. “I'd happily pay the $3.58 per student it would take to make up the lost net funds. We have much more important issues to negotiate with the teachers this year.”

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Ah Mr Craig, another big shot charlie...

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