Katonah-Lewisboro Board Appears Ready To Close LES

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The Katonah-Lewisboro School Board is expected to approve the closure of Lewisboro Elementary School this month. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brittany Serra

LEWISBORO, N.Y. -- After months of meetings, debates and protests, the Katonah-Lewisboro School board will hold a preliminary vote on the closure of Lewisboro Elementary School, according to LoHud.com

School Board President Charles Day told LoHud.com that a recent straw poll taken by board members suggests that there is a good chance the measure will pass and the school will be shuttered. 

Demographers have presented reports that forecast the districts population to decline by 25 percent over the next 10 years, according to LoHud.com.

The preliminary vote will be held on Thursday, Dec. 19 with a final vote scheduled for Monday, Dec. 23, according to LoHud.com.

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Comments (8)


Let's face it, they did not form this task force with the goal of keeping a school open. Mission accomplished.


Should they have closed the school without a study? You must be the only one in town that did not know the elementary schools were running at 50% capacity.


If you disagree with the BOE's decision to close LES, please join over 750 supporters and sign the below petition to ask to the BOE members to vote against closing LES. We seek to establish a new process that properly addresses the outstanding issues and is inclusive of the interests of the whole community.



" A rush to judgement" said with the same credibility as OJ Simpson's lawyers at his murder trial.
This could be studied for a generation and LES parents at that time would still be against it. LES parents seem to have the same mindset as the OJ jury.


Lewisboro has a history of perpetuating incompetence and stupidity


It is the Katonah-Lewisboro School District not just Lewisboro. That hot sun must be the problem.


I heard what I thought was a cruel joke, namely, that 60 students from Michelle Estates were being sent directly to Katonah, bypassing Increase Miller, only to find out it was true!

So now, after destroyingLES, a community center for many young families, bad enough, it appears we are following that up by breaking up nearby communities.

What realm of thinking closes K's largest, most centrally located highest rated school? What twisted logic sends Michelle Estates children to Katonah, away from friends they play town sports with, the Lewisboro Library, friends and places where their parents shop, rather than sending them to Increase Miller, and sending children from the far western portion of the town to Katonah, where many of their parents shop, use the library and have friends, and thereby keeping neighborhoods intact?

Route 35 is not dangerous enough?

Beam me up Scotty.


Oh no those poor kids from Michelle Estates will be transported to a school at the edge of the known world . A great distance of one mile farther than Increase Miller.
Can anything be more cruel..
A lawsuit must be commenced.

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