Lewisboro Town Board Continues To Slice Budget

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Town Comptroller Leo Masterson, far left, presents the 2013 budget at Monday's Town Board meeting.
Town Comptroller Leo Masterson, far left, presents the 2013 budget at Monday's Town Board meeting. Photo Credit: Bob Dumas

LEWISBORO, N.Y. – Members of the Lewisboro Town Board, determined to keep any tax increase below the state-imposed 2 percent cap, slashed more than $380,000 from the proposed $10.6 million spending package Monday night.

The reductions, as well as some increased revenue projections, helped cut the tax rate increase from 17.4 percent to 8.9 percent.

The budget plan now stands at $10.3 million with $5.5 million of that to be collected through taxes. That would translate to $18.11 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

Some of the cuts included the elimination of a $235,000 road-resurfacing project proposed by Supervisor Peter Parsons. The project could reappear as a bond referendum, allowing taxpayers to decide whether it should move forward, board members said.

The board also cut raises for all elected officials for a total savings of $11,000. Those who lost their raises include the supervisor, town board members, town clerk, highway superintendent, receiver of taxes and the town justices.

The board also saved money by restructuring its $260,000 debt service. By spreading it out over a longer period of time, it found a savings of $157,000 for the 2013 budget.

“We made a lot of progress tonight,” Deputy Supervisor Peter DeLucia said. “I wish this [budget] was the one we had to start with. People are seeing hard times, and we need to respect them and keep this [budget] as tight as possible.”

The board voted to approve the preliminary budget that resulted from Monday night’s revisions, but its members said another $259,000 needs to be eliminated to get below the 2 percent cap. The board will meet at the Town House at 7:30 a.m. Saturday to discuss further cuts as it scrambles to get the budget in place before a public hearing Dec. 10

Not every board member was happy with all the results.

“I voted for it, but I think it stinks,” board member Dan Welsh said. “I didn’t like some of the cuts.”

The board also voted unanimously to pass a local ordinance that would allow it to surpass the 2 percent tax cap without subjecting itself to any repercussions from the state.

“It’s lawyerly prudent to pass the legislation,” board member Frank Kelly said. “Unfortunately, people are going to perceive that as permission to bust the cap, which it is not.”

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Mr. Parsons needs to separate himself from the Republican's who feel they can control him and the budget process. The Republicans will let this town crumble. Mr. Parsons needs to re-insert into the budget the items that he feels are necessary to maintain the infrastructure of this town. The Republicans are going to vote "no" for any budget that comes in over the 2% anyway, so put back in what is necessary to run this town and take ownership of this budget.

I think you should once and for all name the names so everyone knows who is trying to pull the strings from the wings.

The Supervisor will need to get three votes to add items back in the budget. To the best of my knowledge the Board has taken the Supervisor's 17% Budget and now voted in the 7% Preliminary Budget. Any changes will need 3 out of 5 votes to occur. I think the Prelim Budget is scheduled to be Finalized by the 17th. That gives Board three more sessions (12/8 10 and 17) to work on the Budget. I am guessing it will be in the 3.5%-4.5% range.

Did they also make one of the court clerk's full time? I don't think it is right to not give the full time elected positions their raises. They also live in Lewisboro and will have to pay higher taxes.

Besides shifting the repaving to a referendum and shifting the debt owed to a longer time to repay (higher cost) what did they do? They cut $11,000 dollars. Let's see the political strength the previous Supervisor showed the prior two years. I hope the Town Board was not intimidated by having 2/3's of the audience town employees?

Mr Deputy Supervisor,
In these hard times did it make sense to add two full time police officers, adding health, vacation, and sick time benefits to the payroll. This does not appear to be a wise move with a tight budget. Where's the respect for the taxpayers!