Lewisboro Democrats Nominate Parsons for a 2nd Term

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Lewisboro Town Supervisor Peter Parsons has been nominated by the Democratic Town Committee to run for a second term.
Lewisboro Town Supervisor Peter Parsons has been nominated by the Democratic Town Committee to run for a second term. Photo Credit: Bob Dumas

LEWISBORO, N.Y. – The Lewisboro Democratic Town Committee has nominated Supervisor Peter Parsons to run for a second two-year term this November.

Parsons was elected in 2011 when he beat out incumbent Charles Duffy.

“We are proud of the job he has done, and our unanimous vote demonstrates our confidence in his leadership for Lewisboro” said Christina Rae, co-chair of the committee.

Parsons said he was happy about the nomination, noting it’s been nearly 12 years since a Lewisboro supervisor was elected to consecutive terms.

“I believe that Lewisboro would benefit from having a supervisor who serves more than one term,” he said. “It would have some continuity. The first term is 95 percent a learning experience and then you have to run for re-election again. Most of our neighboring towns have benefited from that type of continuity.”

In addition to the supervisor, voters will fill two Town Board positions in November. Current Republican board members Peter DeLucia and Frank Kelly are up for re-election. The position of receiver of taxes and one town justice position will also be on the ballot.

The Democratic Committee is seeking candidates for the board, justice and receiver of taxes. Those interested in running can e-mail info@LewisboroDemocrats.org or call 914-361-5235 or write to the Committee at P.O. Box 370, Cross River, NY 10518.

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Comments (2)

Marcus, please remember that you are dealing with an environment that is only a couple of rungs on the ladder above Mayberry. Some of us know what really happened with Duffy once he left the Hound. The guy was set up.

Funny that Mr. Parsons now feels that the Town would benefit from the continuity of his reelection. That is quite different from what he told voters just over a year ago as he campaigned against Charlie Duffy, who, despite a personal issue he was able to overcome, did yeoman's work to lead the town out of its fiscal crisis, instituted a very successful reorganization of the workforce and offices, completely rebuilt the town's information infrastructure, and kept taxes low!.

Thankfully, the grown-ups on the board thwarted his proposed 17% tax increase, the wacky and dangerous tree ordinance and a poorly thought out road repair project.