Cuomo Breaks Silence On Report Of Interference With Ethics Panel

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally broke his silence about allegations of tampering with the Moreland Commission.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally broke his silence about allegations of tampering with the Moreland Commission. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally broke his silence about a New York Times report that alleges the governor and his camp tampered with the investigations of the Moreland Commission, according to the Buffalo News. 

Cuomo was adamant that no political tampering took place from his camp. Cuomo even deemed the commission a success, the Buffalo News said in its report. 

The Times report released last week stated Cuomo and his aides put pressure on the commission when it attempted to investigate groups aligned with the governor. Cuomo then disbanded the commission abruptly. 

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan has since picked up where the commission left off and plans on investigating Cuomo. 

Cuomo told reporters in Buffalo that he still considered the commission a success thanks to new ethics reforms that were passed. The governor did, however, stop short of completely refuting the New York Times report in its entirety, according to the Buffalo News. 

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Comments (16)

Did you guys read that the wife of the DA from Syracuse that defended Cuomo is up for reappointment by the governor next year? That's sounds like a $165k payoff to me and a clear conflict of interest.

And why are those Moreland Commission members still on the state payroll 3 months after the commission was disbanded? More payoffs?

This whole thing stinks.

The GOP and it's tea party would do the same thing you're accusing our Governor of doing. If this is how low the GOP can stoop for an issue, then we can be looking at four more years of Dem success in Albany

Both Parties are equally abhorrent - but the Dems are so low they have to break laws & IMPORT voters - can't sink much lower than that.
4 more years of Success? Check the stats to see the numbers of those fleeing the State which was voted, what.. next to last! Keep recycling your Talking Points from "Dear Leader"

The Cuomo Regime is despicable - Tried calling about WHY they are HIDING the fact that Scores of "Undocumented" Unaccompanied , Illegal or whatever PC word is correct of Immigrants that they had to sneak into Westchester - Ossining, Pleasantville, Valhalla, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, etc.From the Texas Border
. Have they been Screened for Health issues? This will mean overcrowding in our schools and Yes, TAXES will have to go up AGAIN! I've already got sick going to the movies - unknown airborne viruses - sick for 3 wks ! Hey that's ok , medical premiums went up too, as did most of costs! I have nothing against these immigrants - but WHY are they hiding the fact & NOT ONE Politician has seems to know anything - guess they are as Transparent as Obama !
Check out the interactive map to see the exact locations.

Simple, have him take a lie detector test if he has nothing to hide? All politicians should be given lie detectors.

That is first Good Suggestion I've heard in Ages! Since they don't honor the Oath they took when they were sworn in. Maybe they can make an APP LIE Detector ! Kudos

What ethics? Cuomo never had any because noone ever thought that a governor could or would ever be corrupt.
Its always about the money with most all politicians ! Its never about the people. What has Cuomo or Astorino done to cut spending and lower our taxes over the past 4 yrs? The answer is nothing ! Thats why people are being forced out of NYS. The outrageous taxes that's are a direct result of corruption, mismanagement, out of control spending, over lapping of services, out of control padded pensions and unneeded over time, out of control use of personal expenditures that are unnecessary and overly burdensome to taxpayers.
Personal favors being done by politicians for their cronies. Political campaign
donations that amount to payoffs for favors. The problem is that noone does anything about it and the U.S. attorneys offices takes forever to investigate these serious issues in our State and County government.

Noone is above the law !

The problem is no one ever does anything ! Everyone just talks and these politicians just keep on doing the same old thing. Even when they get caught, they get a slap on the wrist in some country club !
Politicians need to be held to a much higher standard of accountability because of their position of trust.
We need to monitor all politicians more carefully so that they are held in check and kept honest.



Cuomo should be wearing an orange jumpsuit by now, but since he is a Dem, and the Justice Dept. is controlled by the odiou Dem Holder, he will wind up getting a pass. The best revenge against this corruption is to throw this bum out and vote for Rob.

Cuomo is a fraud! Contrary to Mr. Cuomo's repetitively aired TV commercial, NY is NOT "ranked No. 2 in the nation in new, private-sector job creation". Cuomo's commercial borrows from a "The Business Journals" article and graph printed May 3, 2012. That graph within the article depicts the increase in jobs from 2002 to 2012. Governor Cuomo was elected in 2010 and can only be responsible for not much more than a year of those purported jobs created. In addition, since 2010, 328,538 people fled the state, "the largest outflow of any state" for that period according to the Empire Center and the Census Bureau. According to the BLS, as of May 2014, New York's current unemployment rate is 6.7% and ranked 37th by state. And according to the US Census Bureau, in 2012 the NY State median income, adjusted for inflation, was $51,017, a -15.3% decline from 1989, the last year of Ronald Reagan's presidency! In 2013, CNBC's "Top States for Business 2013" ranked New York State 44th for cost of doing business, 47th for cost of living, 30th for business friendliness, and 38th for quality of life.

Governor Cuomo = Tammany Hall.

NY Southern District US Attorney = US Attorney General.

Remember: IRS, Fast and Furious, VA, Bengazhi, etc., etc., etc

Cuomo has to go and the commission on corruption needs to be re-established so that it has more power to over see all areas of corruption.

Just like a Cuomo, never tells the truth. Bob Grant once said “Mario asentta mme. Tu sei propio nu’ sfaccime!” Translated : Mario, listen to me, you’re a real ‘sfaccime!’)
Now as to the word sfaccime, the closest translation in English is scum. [ an offensive term for a person or group of people regarded as contemptible or worthless ] I would guess that about sums them up.