Chris Christie's 'Lost Cause' Comment On Astorino Prompts Sharp Response

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's comment that Rob Astorino's campaign was a lost cause prompted a sharp response from the Westchester County Executive.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's comment that Rob Astorino's campaign was a lost cause prompted a sharp response from the Westchester County Executive. Photo Credit: @GovChristie

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive and gubernatorial GOP candidate Rob Astorino issued a pointed response on Tuesday to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's comment that Astorino's campaign was a lost cause, according to 

Astorino said that if Christie isn't interested in helping to get Republican candidates elected, then he should step down as chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Astorino went on to suggest that perhaps New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Christie were working together to protect themselves against fallout from the George Washington Bridge scandal, reported. 

Christie made the controversial remarks while campaigning for Connecticut gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley, said. 

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Comments (10)

Christie is a blowhard and his shot at the presidency went down the Hudson river . but he does have a point. Astorino has no chance of winning

I cannot wait until these elections are over Greenburgh, when we take the N.Y. Governorship and the control of the House [again] and this time the Senate of the United States - Oh, I cannot wait. But I do have a question; what does the analogy mean to which you refer; "and his shot...going down the Hudson River." Here is Oxford's Dictionary meaning of analogy: comparison: a comparison between two things that are similar in some way, often used to help explain something or make it easier to understand. Your analogy, if that was you intention, is as incomprehensible as your ideological left-leaning liberal ideas, and it does not "make it easier" to understand, but difficult. I hope you can understand the art of English with as much prejudice, as you do your political views.

I agree that Mr. Astorino is a longshot. But I don't understand why Christie would publicly insult his campaign by saying he was a lost cause. He also said that the RGA doesn't pay for landslides, but Christie spent millions of NJ taxpayer dollars to hold a special election to guarantee his own landslide re-election.

Astorino and Christie should do a video together. Yeah, I think that would be real funny.

For once Christie speaks the truth. Asterino himself is not serious about winning. He just wants to increase his name recognition for future candidacies. Also raising a lot of money doesn't hurt either.

Anyway, he has no chance of winning and everyone knows it, even blowhard republicans

Christie is a big a-hole. A RINO to say the least. Phony and corrupt, just like his "brother" Cuomo. You know Cuomo gave him a deal over the Bridgegate matter, right?

Christie is just being honest, Rob has no chance! Thank God.

100% on point! Bobby has no chance. Too bad he's going on the attack. He could have stayed classy.

Why don't you keep your mouth closed; that will help you to lose more weight, than criticizing Real Republicans.

Hugs Obama and supports Cuomo- with friends like Christie, who needs enemies? Christie conveniently FORGOT the support he received in his 'lost cause long shot race' v Corzine. Shame on him. Astorino will make a marvelous Governor - he actually has a conscience.