Bramson Renews Commitment To Public Service In Conceding To Astorino

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Noam Bramson is welcomed on stage by Legislator Ken Jenkins prior to delivering his concession speech at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Town. Photo Credit: Zak Failla
Noah Bramson is applauded during his concession speech. Photo Credit: Zak Failla

RYE BROOK, N.Y. – After a heated campaign for Westchester County Executive, Democratic hopeful Noam Bramson conceded to incumbent Rob Astorino shortly before 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at Democratic Headquarters at the Hilton Westchester in Rye Brook.

Bramson said he called Astorino to offer his congratulations and support as Astorino earned a second term, and will be ready to resume his normal duties as the mayor of New Rochelle now that the campaign is finished.

“It’s easy to be gracious in victory, but it’s even more difficult in defeat,” he said. “The saying goes that I’m too old to cry, but it hurts too much to laugh. I’m just filled with gratitude for everyone’s support.

"Running against a well-liked and well-financed incumbent is a tough challenge. The fact we came so close is a tribute to everyone here. This is your campaign."

After thanking the volunteers that donated time and money, as well as supporters and his fellow Democrats, Bramson said he remains dedicated to Westchester County politics, in whatever office he is in.

“What matters, is that at the end of this campaign, I’m more committed to public service than ever before,” he said.

Following his speech, Bramson joked that he would likely take a day off before returning to his office in New Rochelle. Although the race didn't go his way, he added that he felt that democracy was served and the voters got what they desired.

"When you enter politics, you agree to engage in this process. I have to stand up, applaud and congratulate Rob," he said. "We approached the challenge of the county executive differently, but I've always respected the skills he brings to the office. We disagreed on a great number of things, but the voters spoke today."

While he expressed a desire to return to his mayoral duties and a “reasonably normal state of operations,” Bramson was disappointed he won't be able to enact many of the policies he touted during his campaign.

“There was so much that I wanted to do, and that work is going to have to wait,” he said. “My regret is not for myself. My regret is that I wasn't able to bring home the victory that each of you deserve.”

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Comments (7)

big man:

great one day after he loses there going to raise taxes in new ro by6.5%


A reminder to Noam Bramson that HEADS REALLY DO COUNT!


In his concession speech last night, Noam Bramson said:
"I end this campaign more committed to public service than I have ever been," he said. "The cause for which every one of us worked will be just as important tomorrow as it is today."
Great! We get to keep Noam for two more years. So, how will this dramatic defeat for Noam parlay into reformatting or rather reconstituting his person as it relates to New Rochelleans; particularly Black and Latino residents? If its business as usual, as in dismissing the needs and realties of Black and Latino residents, then Noam has not learned a lesson.
Perhaps Noam has now learned that he must be in tune with what the residents need in New Rochelle not what he or his party wants strategically:
• We need real jobs that involve real hires of people who actually live in New Rochelle – specially our young people;
• We need affordable housing – don’t count the new construction off Lincoln which has actually displaced more people of color than actually creating more housing than before;
• We need meaningful retail that will attract people from within and outside New Rochelle to come to our downtown – have you seen Mamaroneck, Port Chester and White Plains at night? It is lively and pedestrian traffic is awesome and welcomed by small business. Let’s bring large retailers – Whole Foods, Best Buy, and Target, a bookstore or Apple etc.
• Let’s open up our parks, like City Park for our young people to use- not lock up the parks and make their use impossible without permits. How are you to combat obesity if our parks, and regretfully our school fields are always locked or closed? Have you tried running at McKenna field on weekends or holidays? It is pad locked – it’s the only running track in New Rochelle!!!!!
• You have to meet with people. Be nice. Listen to them. Get out of the bed with the developers. The West End does not want the City Yard – fix the one that is there already. It will be less expensive in the long run. Refurbish and be inclusively creative about a new use for the Armory.
• Did I say be nice. Come to el Trigal or the Bread factory and buy bread. Expand your mind. Diversify your circle of friends. As they say on ESPN, Come On Maann!!!

Fifth Ave Guy:

You know for the $2 million annual expense its going to cost just to pay the principal & interest on the $25 million loan, the city could fix its current yard by allocating $2 million per year & we're done in 5 years. The city would then have a $2 million windfall to either spend on other stuff or it could even lower taxes. What a novel idea huh? Need to get Bramson to think outside the box.

Activist Bill:

Now Bramson an continue his crimes against the people of New Rochelle, including disenfranchising the black community.

Fifth Ave Guy:

Commited to public service? Sounds like he's not leaving New Ro any time soon and that's a bummer.

Hope he cools it on Echo Bay and he realizes the Echo Bay issue cost him the election.


Thank God he lost! He has absolutely RUINED New Rochelle! Better New Rochelle suffer than the entire County!

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