Troopers Issue 117 Tickets During Taconic State Parkway Safety Detail

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State troopers issued 117 tickets during a detail in Yorktown on Sunday.
State troopers issued 117 tickets during a detail in Yorktown on Sunday. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- New York State Police issued 117 tickets during an occupant safety detail in Yorktown near the Taconic State Parkway on Sunday, July 20, officials said. 

Troopers were set up on FDR State Park Road and issued 53 tickets for child restraint violations and 64 other traffic infractions, police said. 

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Comments (8)

The nice thing about doing it at FDR Park is that it's unlikely that any local residents got caught.


Wondering how many aggressive drivers and commercial vehicles that are plentiful on the Taconic that the Troopers got.....

Fire the State Police? What a stupid comment. More tickets should be given out for DWI., using cell phones and texting while driving. If your stupid enough not to use a child restraint you deserve to get a fine, or is it better to have a child wind up in the hospital or having to arrange a funeral after an accident because you were too stupid to put the child into a restraint
Hopefully the State Police and local Police will start giving tickets all through Westchester.

Wow. Wasn't there anything better they could have been doing with their time?

wow. I feel safer already -- the Police State is raking in the $$. Lunacy. To make the roads safer, fix them, and fire the State Police.

You are one SICK individual. You should consider a therapist.