Steve Katz Accepts Plea Deal In Marijuana Possession Case

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Yorktown's Steve Katz accepted a plea deal on Thursday.
Yorktown's Steve Katz accepted a plea deal on Thursday. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Assembly member Steve Katz (R,C,I-Yorktown) accepted a plea deal Thursday in Coeymans Town Court to dismiss a marijuana possession charge provided that he completes 20 hours of community service and stays out of trouble for six months, according to a report by the Times Union.

Katz was not present in court Thursday, but the deal was finalized by his attorney who appeared on his behalf, the report said. He must also pay a $75 fine.

He reportedly pleaded guilty to improper parking. 

The sophomore Assembly member was charged March 14 with unlawful possession of marijuana and issued a ticket to appear in court. 

Katz was stopped on the New York State Thruway after allegedly driving 80 mph in a 65 mph speed limit and was found to be in possession of marijuana, State Police said.

Katz, a veterinarian, was elected to the state Assembly for the 99th Assembly District in November 2010 and was re-elected in 2012. His newly drawn district includes Yorktown, Somers and parts of Putnam County.

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Comments (35)

Still waiting for his explanation, which he promised early on, so we can decide whether or not to re-hire him. Me? I'd look for someone not quite so arrogant, who thinks or knows he can get away with this. And I don't care what other pols have done. Steve Katz is the issue in front of us right now.

You are all talking about the citizen legislator who has done more than almost every Assembly or Senate member to reduce spending, get corruption out of government and improve our state legislative process. Who pressed for eliminating unfunded mandates? Who pushed for a Morland Committee investigation of Sheldon Silver and his $12,000,000.00 off budget fund from which $105,000.00 was used to pay off a victim of sexual misconduct buy another legislator? Who called out the governor publically for balancing the 2013-2014 budget with money from insurance funds. Who rallied against the method from which the SAFE act found its way into our penal code? Who proposed a bill requiring a proposed legislation presented to the house or Senate to have a financial effects disclosure attached to it? Who put forth a bill requiring proposed legislation have a companion piece of legislation in the other house when presented to the floor? Look at how much money these proposals would have saved us. And let’s look at local achievements. Katz worked tirelessly to get the Paladin Center built in Putnam County. This is where law enforcement and first responders are trained. Now let’s ask why NYS does not train their policemen there but many other law enforcement agencies do. Do you think there any are politics involved her? Which Assemblyman has the second lowest amount of stipends received during a term? How many of your Assemblymen and State Senators own condos in Albany? Then ask why the work 2-3 hours a day and get $165.00 stipend for that day. Guess how their mortgage for their condo is paid for. Katz drives back and forth to his wife and children every day. Before you go off railing about a man who has done more for the people of NYS in 1-1/2 terms then most of the career politicians have done in their 20-30 years terms take a look at the big picture. If we had 100 Steve Katz’s driving 80 mph everyday to be with their family’s our state would not be number 50 on the list of most business friendly states. The unions would not have a choke hold on the New York. Assemblymen would not be taking payoffs to keep childcare centers out of the Bronx. If you step back and take a 10,000 foot view of the problem, the Katz pot issue would be pin point beyond the threshold of detection amongst creators and storm ravaged deserts.

As an elected official that's what he should be doing, really just doing what he promised voters he would do if elected. I would like to know his reason for being against making pot legal and having some for himself.

Remember this b.s next time elections come around.

And will Katz resign from the Drug and Alcohol subcommittee ?


How come no one is bothered about the cocaine cowboy in the white house? But this bothers you??!! Give me a break

Oh. I'm bothered, alright. I wish we could clean house and start over.


I just want to hear the explanation of what it was doing in his car.

How does a speeding ticket turn into improper parking? This guy is laughing at the people who voted for him.

That's pretty standard when they plead a ticket down to something without points.

I just wonder with the people writing negative things here, how many have broken the law and have NOT been caught. He who is with out sin shall cast the first stone. That sound a familiar?

Weak argument when talking about elected officials. They are held to a higher standard. At least they used to be.

What a disgrace and from a public official. Where is the accountability here? $75 and 20 hours of community service ???
I wonder what the fine would have been if this had been a first offense by a young adult in our community. Would he/she been given a mere slap on the hand or made an example of ?

Clear case of "Do as I say not as I do" I guess and our system just rolling over......

complete disgrace !

The answer to your post "I wonder what the fine would have been if this had been a first offense by a young adult in our community. Would he/she been given a mere slap on the hand or made an example of ?" is YES. Was he charged with driving while under the influence? No. Did he get special treatment because he was a legislator, I don't think so. There are people in a Albany, such as Sheldon Silver, that have done things that are 100 times worse, and HE still has not only his job but still remains the speaker. So if you want to vent, how about going after the CORRUPTION in Albany.

How about starting with the corruption at the local levels?

Two wrongs........

And not even charged with DWID!

Steve Katz voted against legalizing marijuana for medical use, but smokes it himself while driving 89 mph. He is not fit to be anyone's representative. I'm not impressed with the town court that reduced his speeding offence to a mere traffic violation either. He is a reckless driver and could have killed someone.

For safety reasons, pot nor alcohol belong in a car. Period.
That town court should be reprimanded for not pursuing charges representing the crime committed.

Obviously lynn.somerstein:, he wasn't charged with driving under the influence. For your information people that smoke maryjane usually aren't the ones speeding. That had been my experience when I was a police officer back in the day. .

it's just a weed...Been around since the beginning of time.It should be legal anyway.

How about spending some of that community service time in the local schools talking about the dangers of drug use and poor decision making? Where are the positive role models in our government?

He's an embarrassment and should resign. Quite a nice plea deal he got - only $75 for driving 15 over the speed limit?