State Police Launch 'Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over' Campaign

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State Police will step up DWI enforcement through Monday, Sept. 1.
State Police will step up DWI enforcement through Monday, Sept. 1. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- The New York State Police launched the state-wide "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign on Friday, Aug. 15 that will run until Monday, Sept. 1, officials said. 

Labor Day weekend tends to include heavy travel and increased alcohol consumption. As a result, State Troopers will be on the look out for intoxicated drivers that pose a danger to others on the roads. 

Drivers can expect to see sobriety checkpoints during the campaign, along with more troopers on major highways during this detail. Unmarked patrol vehicles will also be on patrol.

"Our goal during this campaign is to step up our enforcement efforts to ensure we can take intoxicated and drug impaired drivers off our roadways before they injure or kill other motorists and their passengers," Joseph A. D'Amico said in a statement. "Year-round our members work to reduce drunk driving crashes and promote traffic safety. We can always do more to make our roads safer for New Yorkers.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving kills more than 10,000 people every year. On average in 2012, one person was killed every 51 minutes in an alcohol-impaired driving crash.

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Comments (7)

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This is "Cuomo Politics".Cuomo hired more than 100 State troopers against the people. This is not good for Democracy. It is called hypocrisy .This can be called " People vs Cuomo. This is not the way helping motorists. First fix the roads, then everything will go smoothly. Most of the innocent motorists will become victims. not the real culprits. Police won't catch them.shame on those who proposing the idea, and they will be out soon.This is my independent opinion. I don't care about the politics in this matter.

No it is called you are dumb! This program has been running for many years, over the last two or three administrations. It is people like you who know nothing about what the talk about that poison this country!

Cystos said it right

Should be drive sober or go to jail! If you get pulled over and have nothing to hide or haven't been drinking or talking drugs there should be no problem. Too many people today play the race card or cry discrimination . Better to have some jerk cry discrimination than to do nothing and let them kill someone. Time for people to support the police, and stop others thinking they are above the law.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

This is a good article from the Police Chief Magazine that will show you the law and the restrictions on certain stops.