Westchester Leads NY In Salaries For County Workers, Police

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Local government employees in Westchester County are the highest-paid in the state outside New York City.
Local government employees in Westchester County are the highest-paid in the state outside New York City. Photo Credit: File photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County general employees and county police are the highest-paid local government employees in the state outside New York City, according to a recent report released by the Empire Center for Public Policy. 

The study revealed that general, or nonpolice, employees in Westchester average $76,652 in annual salary while county police in Westchester average $184,865. 

The highest-paid employee in Westchester County was police officer Wayne Mullaney, who made $319,628 between April 2013 and March 2014, the report said. 

The highest-paid local government employee was Charles E. Ewald, a jail warden who was paid $414,527 by Suffolk County.

In all, 1,803 local government employees cleared more money between than Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who made $179,000, according to the report. 

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Comments (7)

To be fair, that figure of $179k does not include Andrew Cuomos kickbacks, federal disaster aid fraud, and tax evasion as part of his anual income.

Eliminate county government all together. it's full of redundant, 6 figure salaries already covered by state and local government. other states have done this with great success in lowering property taxes. we have no need for county police. NY state police are the highest paid inn the country and should be able to take up any slack

Overtime padding to inflate pensions must be stopped. Board of Legislators well past the time to act. #1 in salaries, #1 in taxes, #1 in political rhetoric...
services provided far from numero uno

Why do the people of Westchester County need this? The over paid workers need o go because the people of Westchester just can't afford more outrageous and unreasonable taxes. We just dont need 6000 County employees or the many different departments that could be consolidated. We need to cut all costs including all personal expenditures, over time, padded salarys for friends, and political favors.

This article is so misleading. There are many, many county workers who only make enough to make ends meet (the "worker bees") while administration and overtime padding are the real cause. The majority of county workers don't have a salary high enough to be able to afford to live in Westchester!

I would suspect that these huge salaries are a result of extreme overtime hours. The issue most likely is not the base salary but rather the abuse of the overtime and lack of management in this area.

Well there you go. Explains why our taxes are so high.