State Sen. Ball Blasts NYC Mayor Over ID card proposal

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State Sen. Greg Ball was openly critical of a proposal to provide ID cards to illegal aliens in New York City recently. Photo Credit: File

CORTLANDT, N.Y. -- State Sen. Greg Ball was openly critical on Sunday, Feb. 16 of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to provide identification cards to undocumented aliens.

Ball's  comments came during an appearance on WABC-TV's "Up Close with Diana Williams" on . 

Ball called the plan "hair brained" and a "homeland security nightmare." 

“We do not have the luxury of getting it wrong when it comes to our national security. This Mayor’s plan will create breeder documents to be used not just by illegal alien workers, but by criminals and terrorists looking to open bank accounts, board planes and trains, execute lease agreements and ultimately harm New Yorkers," Ball said in the debate. "In 2011, 7,500 plus illegal aliens who came illegally across our Southern Border hailed from places like Iraq, Syria, Iran and Sudan, including state sponsors of terrorism."

Click here to watch the full interview. 

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