Police Identify 15-Month-Old Who Died In Hot Car In Ridgefield

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The baby who died in a hot car was in the parking lot here at 38A Grove St. in Ridgefield where his father worked.
The baby who died in a hot car was in the parking lot here at 38A Grove St. in Ridgefield where his father worked. Photo Credit: Daily Voice
Ridgefield Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz
Ridgefield Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. - Ridgefield police identified the 15-month-old child who died Monday after being left in a car as Benjamin Seitz.

In an email sent Wednesday afternoon, Ridgefield Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz said Benjamin "was supposed to be dropped off at a day-care facility in Ridgefield by his father. The father did not drop off his son" and went to his office at 38A Grove St. in Ridgefield with the child still in the car on Monday morning, Kreitz said. The family lives in Ridgefield. 

Earlier Wednesday, police said there had been no 911 calls because the father had taken the child directly to Danbury Hospital late Monday afternoon when he found him in the car at the end of the workday. 

The cause of death is still listed as pending at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, police said. 

It is still unclear how long the child was in the car. 

"Ridgefield detectives are still conducting interviews to ascertain the exact amount of time the 15-month-old was left in the vehicle," Kreitz released in an email at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Temperatures soared to nearly 90 degrees with high humidity on Monday in Ridgefield. 

The father was identified as Kyle Seitz by the NewsTimes.com. The father reportedly normally dropped his son off at at day care then got coffee and went to work, the NewsTimes.com said.

But Monday, he went straight for coffee and then to work, apparently forgetting Benjamin in the back seat, sources familiar with the investigation told the News-Times.

The State Police Western Connecticut Major Crime Squad and the state attorney’s office in Danbury are assisting in the investigation.

Read the full story at the NewsTimes.com here.

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Comments (6)

He says he forgot to drop off his baby at daycare, what is his excuse when he went out for lunch? He got in his car not noticing the baby and got out again to get lunch and back in the car and then drives back to work, gets out and still does not notice his baby? Bull shit! What a sicko, the baby suffered intensely while the father purposely killed him. Discusting! This is a copycat from the Georgia case. If he did not want his child anymore he should have given the child to a loving adoptive home. The baby is with The Lord now.

He gets in and out of the car for coffee and does not notice him in the back seat? He looks in the rear view mirror while driving but doesn't see him in the mirror? 15 month old children typically do not nap at 8-9 AM which I'm guessing was around the time he drove to work. So a 15 month old is in the car awake but makes no noise at all? All day goes by but your child is not on your mind at all? It doesn't make sense.

This is b/s. How do you drop your baby off everyday at daycare and then the day it is 90+ out forget you have your baby in the car? I don't care if you had to stop off at work to pick something up, you leave the damn car running w/ ac. b/c you are not that brain dead to see that there is a child in the back seat of your car. I'm sure was not sleeping as this is a everyday thing. To drop your child off. Why didn't the daycare call when the child was brought there on time? I know my daycare you question it! This is so upsetting. And this was not an accident!
Arrest this man there is not excuse great enough to not charge murder! Facts: left child in car for excess of 6 hrs, did not call 911 when you discovered what had just transpired

Especially when there has been a case in Georgia very similar! And all over the news!

He went to coffee, then to work. Then he brought the child to hospital at 6p, so I am pretty sure the dullest of detectives can determine how long the child was in the car and the coroner can decide how long he was gone. So let's get the parent arrested and his due payment for this horrible crime.

bill clintons.....You have the audacity to call me a fool wait for the rest of the facts, say hello to monica while yor waiting and If I had a name like that Most people including my self would not call me a fool! you didnt change your name MORON!!! a current poll by the way already says the father should be charged,ARE YOU HIM??

Forgetting the child was in the back seat when every day he brings him to day care? No way, don't buy it! Also not calling 911, who wouldn't call for something like that! What a horrible horrible crime. The innocence of life is so previous and vulnerable. I pray all the time for children and animals for their safety. They can't help themselves, only we can!