Lewisboro’s Wolf Center Seeks Help To Monitor Wolf ‘Romance’

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Love is in the air at the Wolf Conservation Center
Love is in the air at the Wolf Conservation Center Photo Credit: Courtesy of WCC

SOUTH SALEM, N.Y. – Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and love is in the air – even at the Wolf Conservation Center.

Hormones are racing and hopefully several wolf courtships already have begun. The center is keeping an eye on its three breeding pairs in hopes they’ll see some of the promising behaviors that mean a courtship is in process. Those behaviors include things such as nuzzling, prancing, wrestling, parallel walking and mounting. But the staff needs your help to monitor the wolves.

Most romantic wolf activities occur behind closed doors, so the center’s elusive wolves are unlikely to display amorous behavior for a crowd of spectators. However, the staff need not rely entirely on eyewitness accounts. Its WildEarth webcams help the staff, volunteers and supporters keep an eye on Mexican wolves F837 and M805 and other breeding pairs in real time.

The center is asking for help in monitoring the wolves during the mating season. Volunteers can just click on WildEarth webcams. If you see anything interesting, e-mail maggie@nywolf.org. Visit www.wolf.org for more information.

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