Daily Voice Announces Weekly Westchester Newspaper

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Daily Voice’s Founder and Chair Carll Tucker. Photo Credit: The Daily Voice File Photo

ARMONK, N.Y. - Daily Voice will launch two countywide newspapers, Daily Voice Westchester and Daily Voice Fairfield, on March 13, Daily Voice’s Founder and Chair Carll Tucker announced Tuesday.

“Our weekly newspapers will make the best of Daily Voice available to readers who don’t access our sites daily. With 41 sites in Westchester and Fairfield, we produce 800 stories a week about our communities. The best five percent of those stories will create two terrific weekly newspapers,” Tucker explained.

“The weeklies will showcase Daily Voice in waiting rooms and lobbies and will provide municipalities and other jurisdictions an effective distribution medium for legal notices,” Tucker continued.

The annual subscription rate for Daily Voice will be $125. Pre-publication discount subscriptions will be offered for $75, starting in January. Initially, no advertising will be sold into the newspapers. Advertising space will be used to bonus current Daily Voice advertisers.

Founded in 2010, Daily Voice is the largest news medium in Westchester and Fairfield counties. According to Google Analytics, 512,000 residents of Westchester and Fairfield visited a Daily Voice site in November, 2013. “If you exclude younger people and older people who are not yet online, Daily Voice is now read by more than half the reading population,” Tucker said. “More advertisers are discovering the extraordinary power of Daily Voice every week.”

Daily Voice is one of two companies in the country to deliver online-only community news to a network of sites. The other company, Patch.com, a division of AOL, is considering exiting the business, according to recent reports.

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Comments (7)


how many of you remember the Tarrytown Daily News? I grew up in Tarrytown in the fifites and sixties. Sorry to see it has been gone for such a long time. Milo Cushman Fort Collins Colorado

sam k:

People still want local news and we don't really get it anymore here in westchester. I say good, I can't wait and I wish everyone at the Daily Voice all the best in 2014!


This will be welcome. There are still many people who don't have Internet access in Mount Vernon. There is a dearth of news sources for the city and the ones that are available all have political agendas.

Soren Kirkus:

I thinkk Carll has lostt his mindd.

A newspaper? As in a paper newspaper, with, like, ink and such?

Wait, lemme think about that for a second... Great idea! It'll give me something to read each morning as I am driven to work in my horsedrawn carriage.

...but only if it has "Brenda Starr" and "Family Circus" comic strips.


I like the idea. I hope it does well. I will def subscribe.

Civic Minded:

While I agree that , sometimes, there are some good articles, it's more a blog than a newspaper. Real estate listings, find a job, etc., -- really?


I think it has some good articles that aren't carried by the Patch or Lohud/Journal News. All of the papers make the others better and sometimes pick up stories the others don't print.

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