Pound Ridge Yoga Event To Benefit Trafficking Of Youth

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Practice yoga, meditate and chant to raise funds for IOFA at the Pound Ridge Library.
Practice yoga, meditate and chant to raise funds for IOFA at the Pound Ridge Library. Photo Credit: Provided

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – Sunday Yoga is coming to the Pound Ridge Library on April 14. The special event has been organized by the International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA) to raise funds for programs designed to prevent trafficking and exploitation of young people and to assist those who have been victimized.

The multi-faceted event will include classes for children, one for ages four to seven, and one for ages eight to 12. Two meditation classes will be offered by Katonah psychotherapist Linda Jame and Vipassana Meditation expert Sandy Lee Perlow. Julie Bacon and David Wilder of Cross River’s O2 Living will be overseeing classes in physical alignment and breath awareness and yoga for beginners. In addition, North Salem yoga teacher Basil Jones will offer "a unique vinyasa class inspired by music from night clubs, electronic performers and emerging DJs."

“Yoga is very much about giving back and selfless service to others,” said Pound Ridge’s Ali Boak, co-founder of IOFA and co-creator of the Sunday Yoga event. “Those who attend will enjoy a wonderful experience while helping combat one of the world’s worst scourges – the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable youth.”

Everyone is invited to come for a day and try a class. There is no fee but donations will be gratefully accepted. The event begins at 9 a.m. For more information, contact aliboak@me.com or mmmcrath1@hotmail.com.

Click on the link below for the full schedule.

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Sounds like a wonderful day. Too bad I have to miss it.
The quote from Ali Boak is a bit odd, though. As a yoga "vet" I can tell you that it's mainly about physical and mental discipline related to one's self. A liberation of sorts (from the material distractions of the world).
I'm not so sure about the whole "service to others part". It's more selfish than selfless! (like when I have a sitter or the kids are at school I can sneak off to yoga class) Just being honest.