Girl Scouts Heart Of Hudson Seeks New Members

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Join Girl Scouts at recruitment events.
Join Girl Scouts at recruitment events. Photo Credit:

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. -- Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson is kicking off its recruitment season with events at locations throughout the lower Hudson Valley for girls and adult volunteers to join Girl Scouts, the country’s preeminent leadership development organization for girls.

With families already thinking about how to allocate their free time during the coming school year, Girl Scouts of the USA has released new data showing the organization’s benefits for both girls and volunteers. 

"Girl Scouts has provided a safe, fun, and engaging place for girls and adult volunteers to lead and thrive for over 100 years," said Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. "We know the majority of volunteers feel their Girl Scout experience has helped them both personally and professionally, but in many places throughout the country, the lack of volunteers is what keeps girls on waiting lists. Every adult who volunteers for Girl Scouts can help us bring fun, new experiences to at least five girls. Imagine what that can do to shape the next generation of female leaders."

Girl Scouts gives girls a place to explore topics of interest in a judgment-free space outside of classroom confinements; it cultivates cooperative and self-directed learning, as well as growth.

“The greatest single barrier to leadership among girls is low self-regard of their individual skills and qualities," said Pamela I. Anderson, Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson CEO.

Girl Scouts is open to all girls from kindergarten through grade 12. Adults over age 18 may become volunteers; both girls and adults volunteers can join at any time of the year. Girl Scout volunteers come from all walks of life; they are men, women, young professionals, retirees, college students and more. To join or volunteer, visit 

To find a recruitment event at a convenient location, visit


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